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Our university system is, in many parts, in a state of despair’. Most of universities and colleges in India are rated as below average in quality parameters.’ That higher education system in India has virtually collapsed and does not stand anywhere in comparison to world class universities is evident from the fact that not a single Indian university features among first 100, while many universities from East Asia have been included in the first hundred. Reasons for degeneration of even prestigious Universities in our country are well known. The crisis confronting the university sys

tem are increasing educated unemployment; weakening of student motivation; increasing unrest and indiscipline on the campuses; frequent collapse of administration; deterioration of standards; and above all, the demoralizing effect of the relevance and purpose of most of what is being done.

Since the university has a crucial role to play in promoting social change, it must make an impact on the community if it is to retain its legitimacy and gain public support. India, a nuclear power, a space power, a giant in information technology can emerge as a dominant major economy comparable to countrie

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